Thursday, March 31, 2011

Christchurch earthquake

There was an earthquake in Christchurch on Wednesday afternoon. It was sad. People cried, people died, people were terrified because loved ones were trapped. 65 people were gone it was sad. That would have been scary to be in that. That would be sad if that were us because it's sad as for Christchurch.


  1. Hi Paris

    Thats a good story about Christchurch earthquake it made
    me sad for all those 65 people that died .Paris before I go don't add so many people
    in your writing, next time find something else and
    don't forget to add a comment on my blog please.

  2. Hey Paris I fell sad about the people that died in the earthquake. Comment on my blog.

  3. Hi Paris thats a good story about the christchurch I am sad for the 65 people that died live me a comment