Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Macklemore is a very famous american rapper. He works with a man could Ryan Lewis and they have sold up to 78,000 copies in the first week there album came out. Their music was released in the year 2000. He has released one mixtape three EP’S and 2 albums.

He is sold more than 2.2 million copies and is viewed on youtube more than 180 million times. He reached number one on the us billboard hot 100 chart.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Yesterday I went to my aunt's house and I got KFC and she let me play black ops 2 on her sons PS3. When I was playing I was headshot and died. When I saw who killed me on the cam I done a head shot on him and I got a trophy and then I played street fighter four. On street fighter I used ryu and My cousin Beni tried to KO me but I KO'D him and Then he used Ken.

When we finished I played outside on the tramp. I was just back and front flipping and doing back jumps.When I done a frontflip I fell off the trump and smacked my head on the grass and heard a big thud. Then my aunt laughed and tried to ask if I was all right so she took me inside.

So she put an icepack on my head and then gave me a fizzy drink and a pack of gum.After she I felt better mum came to pick me and my brothers up and then when we were going home she gave us all a drink of fizzy

Monday, March 25, 2013

My Hero

My hero would have Laser eyes super speed super strength mind control and what all superheroes have a weakness. His weakness is kryptonite as soon as he sees it he loses strength and makes him weak. My superheros name is not his name is the black lightning his costume is black and when he goes superfast he looks just like a lightning bolt.

His worst enemy is duby the clown. Duby the clown always has a victim for black lightning to come and duby the clown laughs evilly “muhahahaha you can never defeat me I am invincible” says duby the clown. So black lightning uses his super speed and goes straight thru duby the clown. Duby the clown hasn't got a scratch but he is in horror Duby the clown went to prison like always.

Then he broke out of prison and all the worst villains came out there was a supervillain that could disguise himself as another superhero. So he turned into superman and started to put all the superheros in prison accept black lightning. So black lightning Saved all the superheros and they all defeated the villains and they stayed there and never got out because the prison was as strong as platinum.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Old man at the beach - narrative

There was a lonely old man walking on the sand. He was wearing an oversized  grey and black coat. Clasping his shoes, he walked along the sand step by step, leaving footprints. The waves were washing ashore, sea water going on his feet while seagulls were scavenging. There was a crowd of people in the distance surfing in the sea water and playing in the sand.

Walking along the sand he thinks he sees a familiar face and he runs as fast as he could but that was not who he suspected it was someone he did not know so he kept on walking along the sand.

Friday, March 15, 2013

School assembly

At assembly we sang the national anthem. Then Mr Burt was talking about the korero. The korero was about respect and respect stood for remember, eyes and ears, speed, posture, everybody, co-operating, together.

After the korero a man started to sing and he was from London. He is Mrs M's brother and he was a really good singer. He was singing opera and he was the best. I would like to sing just like him because I am not that good. I would like to sing just like him.

He sang a song about Samoa after the tsunami hit Samoa. It was a great song and very kind of him and his friends to sing and make this song for Samoa after the tsunami.

When he finished everybody cheered for him I thought he was a great singer. After that Mr Burt handed out the Duffy certificates and my little brother got one.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Touch Rugby

At touch rugby the coach was teaching us how to play. The coaches name was Kevin he was telling us the rules for touch rugby. When we were playing touch rugby we were in three lines.When I was sprinting I was out of breath and got touched. We were not allowed to forward pass. Room twenty one was on the top field playing touch rugby.

After training was finished we played a game of catch the thumb we had to have our thumb in the person's palm and the person had try and get it. Catch the thumb that is what the game was called.

The day thins started disapering

Yawn goes Mac I wonder what mum is doing. Mac runs down stairs and yells morning mum but mum is not there so he looks in the garage to see if dads home dad Mac shouts. Dad was not in the garage not even the tools so Mac made his own breakfast and headed off to school before he walks out the door he gets his lunch and says bye mum but there was no reply? So Mac went off to school worried about his parents. When Mac got to school there was Josh Rick and Ronald Mac said hey they did not reply. Mac asked what is wrong they all replied that they could not find their parents.

Mac said that he could not find his parents too. When they went In to the class nothing was there not even the children were in the class suddenly there was a loud bang they run out side in shock there was nothing outside and then they turned around and the school was not there. So they all made a plan to meet in the alleyway so they all went back home to see if anyone was home and no one was home for any of them they all went to the alleyway and that was the only thing there so they all bring their blankets to sleep in the alley and when they woke up everything and everyone was back so they went to school and everybody was there for assembly excerpt one person the principal but wait there is his car but where is Mr Burt the Mr Burt was in his office but he was asleep and so I woke him up and took him to assembly and everyone cheered for Mac for saving Glen Innes Three chairs for Josh, Mac, Rick and Ronald  hip hip hurray hip hip hurray hip hip hurray.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Narrative picnic writing

Every year Mac goes to the school picnic. Mac always has fun there. One day his friends James, Nathan and Lorenzo went down to the beach and saw a crab. It was a big white one with sharp claws. There was also a big wet rat. When Mac went for a swim the crab chased him and pinched his friends feet. when the crab pinched him Mac put water on his foot and he went to Mrs Lu and she put a plaster on his pinch from the crab and it was big. Then someone lost their phone and it was a galaxy Mac handed it to Mr Somerville and he put it in his pocket.

Then Mac Nathan, T.J, James, KhiKhi, Jayden and Mikaiah made a big sand castle and the    water was flowing thru it and they made four sand castles mac and them connected all the sand castles. After building the sand castle sandman comes and destroys it so Mac threw some water at him and punched him and he was really hard and so Nathan kicked him and his foot went straight thru sandman. So Nathan took his foot out and sandman heald and said I am invincible and laughed evilly so sandman grabbed Mac and wet him so Mac called Triple one.

Later that day spider-man came to defeat sandman and he did defeat him spider-man got a vacuum and sucked sandman up and put him in the rubbish bin and everyone cheered that sandman is finally gone and then he gets put in the rubbish truck and he got crashed then the day was finally over and they all went back to school and waited till three,o'clock and then they went home safely except for one and that was sandman.

                                           the end