Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Narrative picnic writing

Every year Mac goes to the school picnic. Mac always has fun there. One day his friends James, Nathan and Lorenzo went down to the beach and saw a crab. It was a big white one with sharp claws. There was also a big wet rat. When Mac went for a swim the crab chased him and pinched his friends feet. when the crab pinched him Mac put water on his foot and he went to Mrs Lu and she put a plaster on his pinch from the crab and it was big. Then someone lost their phone and it was a galaxy Mac handed it to Mr Somerville and he put it in his pocket.

Then Mac Nathan, T.J, James, KhiKhi, Jayden and Mikaiah made a big sand castle and the    water was flowing thru it and they made four sand castles mac and them connected all the sand castles. After building the sand castle sandman comes and destroys it so Mac threw some water at him and punched him and he was really hard and so Nathan kicked him and his foot went straight thru sandman. So Nathan took his foot out and sandman heald and said I am invincible and laughed evilly so sandman grabbed Mac and wet him so Mac called Triple one.

Later that day spider-man came to defeat sandman and he did defeat him spider-man got a vacuum and sucked sandman up and put him in the rubbish bin and everyone cheered that sandman is finally gone and then he gets put in the rubbish truck and he got crashed then the day was finally over and they all went back to school and waited till three,o'clock and then they went home safely except for one and that was sandman.

                                           the end

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