Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Newton's Laws of Motion

  • Who is Sir Isaac Newton?
Newton was a philosopher/and scientist

  • Explain the 3 Laws
The 3 laws are the law of inertia, The law of acceleration and the law of action/reaction. The first law states that if you do not apply force to the object it would remain still until you apply force and will be stopped by force. The second law is the object's acceleration is the amount of force applied to the object such as a tennis ball. The third law is for every action there will always be a equal and opposite.

  • How did the game ‘inertia ball’ demonstrate Newton’s Laws?
In the game inertia ball it's demonstrated everyone law of motion. The first law is the law of inertia was demonstrated by the swiss ball the swiss ball would be sitting in the middle of the court and we would have to chuck different balls such as a basketball at the swiss ball. Throwing a ball with a unbalanced force would cause the swiss ball to move a lot or not at all. The second law is shown by throwing the ball with the most mass to make the swiss ball move. The third law is when the ball hit the swiss ball that was the action and when the ball rebounded off the swiss ball which was the reaction Isaac Newton created the laws of physics which means he's smarter than you.
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  1. I definitely think Sir Isaac Newton is smarter than me! I hope you enjoyed this activity Paris - you have written a great post to outline the three laws of motion. Can you remember the equation for Law 2 (acceleration)? Which balls had the greater mass, so created the largest force?