Friday, December 13, 2013

Prize giving

Yesterday we had prize giving. The juniors witch are the years 1 - 4 Where in the after lunch and the seniors witch are the years 5 - 8. I was in the Senior prize giving. I did the year seven dance and we did Fresh prince of belier. I was on the second row to the front. There was acting and dancing In our performance. I liked our performance Because The acting was funny and the dance was fun.

The best performance to me was the year 8 performance Because they sang and danced and the boys and girls all did different dances and all sang a song at the end of the song. The boys Dance was probably the best dance because they all did it at the right timing and none of them where off time.

I got to see almost everyones dance apart from the juniors. I had a lot of laughs watching some of the dances.  

Monday, December 9, 2013



Getting of the bus outside of ACTION WORLD. The year sevens all walked into the entrance. We all waited for the man from ACTION WORLD to come and tell us what we were going to do next.

We sat down on the tables in the middle of everything.Next the man told us the rules for the day. We had to take of our shoes and socks.

We had to get into groups. My group was room 21 and 22 year 7 boys.After the instructor told us the rules we all went of in our groups to the activity we had to do.

We went on the JUNGLE SWINGS first to start of the day. Then we went rock climbing and after rock climbing we did jump and slide.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Making Truffles

'Today we made Truffles'. We used Condensed milk Which is milk and sugar, Biscuits, Marshmallows, COCOA and Chocolate drops. We cut the Marshmallows and Chocolate drops in half. We Broke the the biscuits in half. Then we put the crushed biscuits in the bole first then the Condensed milk and then all the chocolate and marshmallows in last. The worst part of the process was putting it into a ball. But the Best Part was eating it.     

Monday, December 2, 2013

In the Weekend

              In the weekend I went to the park with my friends . We went on a big swing that we like to call the nest. The nest is a big swing that we have to push and it goes almost as high as the swings at the park. The park was as big as the at our school.  

             When where on the field near the park we play soccer, touch, rugby or bull rush. When we play soccer we play street rules same as bull rush we play tackles and when you get tackled you're in. The little kids get to touch us well the people ten and over tackle.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Forensic scientist

On monday a forensic scientist came to the Year 7 and 8 classes. She told us about her job as a forensic scientist. A forensic scientist is part of the F.B.I ASSOCIATION. They check for DNA prints Off the clothing, blood, Foot Prints and what the have touched. For instance if the robber had touched the doorknob his DNA is left there.

She had this type of paste that goes on the print and when it hardens the print is stuck to the paste. The paste looked weird with the footprint underneath. My favorite thing about the forensic scientist was how she got a D.N.A sample off the door handle.    

Edited Writing Sample

‘Did you hear that Jack’ ‘hear what Christopher’ ‘ohh nothing’. It was pitch black all Christopher heard was the owls and the trees scratching my window ‘Christopher’ someone whispered. Christopher shouted out ‘Yes’ but there was no reply. Christopher goes down stairs to check if anybody's home he cheks all the rooms except the spare room.

No one ever goes into the spare room but Grandma. Christopher goes into the spare
room and a big gust of wind pushes him back. The next day Mother came home with Jack. Christopher was shaking in fear like he had just seen a ghost. Mother asks ‘what's wrong’ Christopher was so frightened he couldn't speak.

Four days straight Christopher was in his room in silence For three days he didn’t
eat or drink. As soon as he was over getting frightened like that there was a whisper telling him ‘you have been cursed you must say you're name three times in the mirror all the lights in your house must be turned off and nobody should be home if you dont do this in seven days you will be cursed for the rest of you life’.

On sunday he did every thing and it just went quite. He was sure he lifted the curse
and he woke up in a hospital instead. Christopher had scars and cuts all over him. There was a whisper again But it was a woman's voice. She had told him ‘You have done well but theres one thing you have to do is get rid of him’. He replied ‘But how when I can't see him’ His mother was Weirded out she was thinking he was talking to his imaginary friend but this was a friend This was a stranger.

When she went back Home mother said ‘son who were you talking to at the hospital’
Christopher replied ‘I don't know’ The mother was worried she was thinking ‘You need
medical help’.She tried blessing him baptising him everything but then Mother took
Christopher to grandma she knew what to do she said to Christopher’s Mother He must go into the spare room for a week.

He was in the spare room for three days now he got food and water at first he was
feeling sick then he got chicken pox and it was the last day in the room he was
knocked out by the wind he was in a dream and he woke up and saw the ghost It was
a man called Krillin. Krillin told Christopher that he was a man and could handle scare
then Krillin just vanished into thin air and he was gone. From this day Christopher can
still see ghosts and is now a ghost buster. He is now one of the top paranormal
investigators and is now ninety two.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Wow athletics was awesome I want to do that again. We did a lot  of sports like sack race, sprinting, soft ball through and many more. I was in the year seven group every age in the year seven group counted. Every time we did an event was cool there was always something to do if you were a participator.

My favorite sport was sprinting because there wasn't as much pressure as most of the other Sports included arm strength and your height of how high you can jump. When you run you may be out of breath but you can still run fast.


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Paris - my mihi

Kia ora tatou
Greetings to us all

Kua tae mai nei
Who arrived here

Ki tenei whare
To this House

Ki te mihihihi
To greet

i te aroha
The love

Ka nui te aroha
Great is love

Mo to koutou maia
For your strength

Ki te haere mai
In coming

ki te awhina
To support

i te reo Maori
The Maori language

e pa ana ki tenei whanau

Concerning the family

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Going To my auntys

Yesterday I went to my aunt's house and I got KFC and she let me play black ops 2 on her sons PS3. When I was playing I was head shot and died. When I saw who killed me on the cam I done a head shot on him and I got a trophy and then I played street fighter four. On street fighter I used ryu and My cousin Beni tried to KO me but I KO'D him and Then he used Ken.

When we finished I played outside on the tramp. I was just back and front flipping and doing back jumps.When I done a front flip I fell off the trump and smacked my head on the grass and heard a big thud. Then my aunt laughed and tried to ask if I was all right so she took me inside.

So she put an icepack on my head and then gave me a fizzy drink and a pack of gum.After she I felt better mum came to pick me and my brothers up and then when we were going home she gave us all a drink of fizzy

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My first Day at school

Today we had 40 Minutes to write about our first day at school. From looking at our writing we are going to set some writing goals for the term.

Walking with my mum to my new school at Pt England. I started out in room 11 in the year 2008. My teacher was Miss McKinley and my friends where Piriniha and Tau we always played tiggy. I was thinking that mum was terrified that I wouldn't come home. Mum was looking after our younger brother.
I was bored out of my mind learning about dinosaurs. I just wanted to get on to the iMac and start working on my dinosaur animation. ‘I finished it I finished it’ telling myself in joy. The bell rang and I run straight to the park.  

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Park

           In the weekend I went to the park with my little brother lennox. We went on a big swing that we like to call the nest. The nest is a big swing that we have to push and it goes almost as high as the swings at the park. The park was as big as the at our school.  

           When where on the field near the park we play soccer, touch, rugby or bull rush. When we play soccer we play street rules same as bull rush we play tackles and when you get tackled you're in. The little kids get to touch us well the people ten and over tackle.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Khi Khi & Paris 4 Shot Movie


The Man runs to the tower. Say to Rapanzela let down your hair. She throws her hair down the tower. Then the man pulls off her hair.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Beach poem

Where I'm from I dive into the water like a bird diving for fish.

I smell the sea water.  

I smell the sausages on barbecue   

I splash the water on your face  

I always lie in the sand.

Movie Reflection 2013

The movie that I made with Piri had lots of animation and no filming. The animations were good and the sound quality of the voiceover was really bad and the song did not go with the voiceover because the song was too slow and our rap was fast. Our rap was good all the words went together and some of the teachers liked it.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sixty The Quest

Yesterday I was in a production called sixty the quest I was in the seventy's and ninety's dance groups. In the seventy's we did Y.M.C.A and Night Fever.  Before we were watching the other performances on the T.V. My Favourite performance was the final performance because of there songs they chose it was a remix. My favourite performance I was in was the ninety's.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Paris family and friends

On Saturday I went to a baby shower and I was a helper. I was helping with the games, cheers, drinks and food. When I was helping there were people putting money in the piggy bank and at the end people had to guess how much money was in the piggy bank. The games we did were musical chairs, find the ball, smell the diaper, apple dunk and jelly dip.

My favourite game was the apple dunk because you had to try and get the apple whoever got the most apples in a minute gets a prize out of the box. the worst game was the smell the diaper you had to smell the thing inside the diaper and if you get it right you get a prize. the last game was the piggy bank game you had to guess how much money there was inside and if they got it right they got the money. T here was $27.00 inside and so the lady who won it also got cleaning stuff  

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Hamilton protester

In Hamilton we were in the streets protesting with boards and yelling 1234 we don't need that springbok tour. Many rugby fans were outraged when the game was cancelled and they were throwing cans and bottles and they were also booing and jeering.

When we were protesting some of us were hit by police batons and had blood on their face and there arms. Some of us were fighting back against the police. I was wearing a motorbike helmet and some other people were wearing helmets too. They also dropped smoke bombs on the field and the rugby fans run onto the field and the police had shields and batons.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

M.L.K Anniversary

This week is the anniversary of Martin Luther King made a speech. In the beginning of his speech was I had a dream. His dream was about black and white people to come together. schools. He fought for his civil rights for the blacks.

Martin Luther King didn’t want as much blacks in jail. The blacks and the whites were segregated. The blacks and the whites had to go too different schools and different towns. The blacks didn’t have as much money as the whites so the blacks were kind of poor.

Back then the blacks lives were hard. They were sadly crippled because of the whites. The blacks were treated badly like they were slaves. The blacks had to give up their seats on the buses to the whites. If they didn’t they would go straight to jail.

In Martin’s life he worked hard. People tried to kill him. They bombed his house and stabbed him. Unfortunately it was the end of his life.  He got assassinated by getting shot in the heart in 1968. He got assassinated because the whites wanted to be shellfish and they didn’t want the blacks to have equal rights.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country Reflection

  • Brain Storm
  • Running
  • Legs arcing
  • Sleeping in the mud/Getting dirty
  • House colours

‘At the starting line I was getting ready to run then the microphone beeped’. When we run I got into 9th Position. I had gotten up to the mud where Miss King and Miss Walters where. When I was going past them I suddenly slipped and my shirt and shorts got dirty. When I got up to Miss Squires my legs started to ark.

I was in Tainui which is blue. I was Still in the same position I was in when I started. I got to the goalpost and on to my second lap I got into 8th position when I got out the gate I was starting to have fun. Whenever I got up to Miss King and Miss Walters I always slipped.    

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Sports is important because it helps you with your fitness. Sport is a good thing for losing weight and being strong. My favourite sport is running . If you run you can burn fat and get more and more faster. When I run I usually do another lap and then I finish. My favourite athlete is Usain Bolt. The reason why my favourite athlete is Usain Bolt is because he is the fastest man on the planet.

When I’m older I would like to be in the Olympics and be as fast as Usain bolt and win the 100 meter sprint and win a gold medal. If I got the chance to meet Usain bolt I would be delighted.
Tomorrow the year 7 and 8 have a  5 kilometre run. I am in the 5 kilometre run and I want to have a really good time.

Monday, July 8, 2013

The prospective student

The prospective student was climbing up the tretiris mountain his hand almost slips off the edge of the cliff and almost falls from a big gust of wind. As he struggles to reach the top he tries not to let go. With all his strength and mite he grips and pulls himself to the top.

When he reaches the top he see’s a Giant Dojo. When he reaches the Dojo he Knocks on the giant door and the master of the dojo opens the door and points. When the Master pointed the student was sad and he waited all night.

The next day he opened his eyes hoping he was allowed in the Dojo but the master pointed again and he still wasn't allowed so he walked and then he got really angry and clenched his knuckles. So he turned around and kicked the door down ready to battle with the master. Then the master points again so the student looks and he see’s a sign and feels embarrassed.  

Friday, June 28, 2013

The three little cats

Once upon a time there were three little cats. Two of the little cats were nasty and one of the little cats was kind and generous. One day the three little cats went out to build their own houses to live in.

The first little cat went and got heaps of straw to build his own house but suddenly he heard a stick snap into pieces. He turned around and saw a huge German Shepherd. But the little cat didn't care so he carried on trying to find a spot to build his house. Little did he know that he was being followed by the German Shepherd.

The Little cat finished building his house. Than the giant German Shepherd approached the little cats house and knocked on the door. As soon as the little cat opened the door, the German Shepherd jumped on top of the cat and the cat got eaten.

The next day the German Shepherd went to the next cats house. His house was made out of wood. The German Shepherd blew the house down and ate the little cat. The two cats that got eaten were both of the nasty cats.

The third cat was a smart and also a special cat. He was so smart that he made his house out of bricks and it was so strong that nothing could break it. Then, the German Shepherd came to the third little cats house and tried to blow the house down. He tried and he tried but he just couldn't blow the house down.

So he jumped on top of the house and jumped down the chimney. He didn’t know that the little cat was cooking stew so he jumped straight into a hot pot of boiling water. “Splash!” He landed in the pot and he slowly died. The little cat survived because it was cooking the German Shepherd with his stew.

The End

Friday, June 21, 2013

Last nights storm

Last night when I was just about to go to sleep I saw a really bright light outside and it was lightning. When I saw the lightning my eyes just went white when I saw. When the lightning stopped there was thunder and it was loud. When the thunder struck it shock my hole house and I almost fell out of my bed.When the thunder stopped it went quiet. Then all I heard was a drip then it started to rain and then a second later it turned in to hail.    

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Finding gold

Joseph and Klein were beginning to dig for gold in the mine field when suddenly a creeper from Minecraft rose from the underworld and attacked. When the creeper attacked they hit the monster back with force and a piece of kentucky fried chicken came out of the monster and they shared the kentucky fried chicken and then they carried on with their adventure to search for gold.

When they were digging they hit into something really hard and it broke one of the pick axes. So they started to dig and it was a big piece of gold and the piece of gold was so heavy that not even all three of them could carry it. When they put it down Sam called two of his old friends Kyle and Cartman. When Kyle and Cartman and came it was much easier to left the giant piece of gold.

When they all got up to the top it was dark. They were worried because they could not see anything. It was midnight and cold and they were all stuck in one car with no blankets or pillows because they were lost in the forest, so they thought. As soon as the sun rose they were already in the middle of town and everybody was staring through the window.

Some of the people tried to break the glass and steal the gold but the glass could never break. When they got out of the car they took the gold to the city prime minister and he gave a little piece to the hole town. The prime minister said to the boys ‘Since you found the gold you get one big piece’ So they shared that giant piece of gold with their families and they were so happy.


Friday, June 7, 2013

My family

In my family I have three brothers my mum and my dad. My dad is in Australia and he comes over once or twice a year. When my dad comes over he sometimes brings bring stuff for us to keep. My mum takes me and my brothers to Sylvia park once and awhile and she takes us to buy some clothes or shoes.

My brothers names are Silas, Lennox and Calay. My brother Calay lives with my aunty and my aunty is out west. We go out west to have a visit and we play with his dog on the tramp. When he had a party we went to rainbows end and we went on the invader.  

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Doing shuttles

Yesterday my class did shuttles and it was easy. We run to three lines the first yellow line the second yellow line and the third. When we did the shuttles some people were puffed and some people weren't so puffed they thought it was and then we had to do it again when we did it again we did it two times.

Some people went for a run but most of us stayed and did shuttles. When the boys came back from there run they were still puffed from the run.  When we came back from the shuttles I was still puffed too.  

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My favourite Programme

My favourite program is MKR short for My Kitchen Rules. It is my favourite program because it shows how to make the dessert. If I was as good as The people who win MKR I would make a trifle with a side of ice-cream and a cherry on top. I would make it for my mum and my teacher for all of the stuff they have helped me with.
My other favourite program is Shortland Street because of all the drama and how there are lots of new people that come onto the show. I would like to be on Shortland Street because I could be adopted and also be famous.
The best cartoon to me is regular show because there is lots of action and dangerous stunts like jumping off cliffs and really deep pits. The best thing about regular show is Mordecai and Rigby. They make lots of trouble at work and there boss is Benson.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Argument about kids eating lollies

Writing an argument:
Statement: “Children should eat lollies”
Do you agree or disagree?
Use the table to help you with your decision:

Children should eat lollies because...
Children should not eat lollies because...
They love lollies

Lollies rot their teeth
They taste sweet

They could get sick
They can be happy

They could end up with diabetes
Lollies are cheap to buy

They could get too fat
They are colourful

It has too much sugar and makes kids hyper
Children should not eat lollies because it can rot their teeth. If kids eat to much lollies their teeth could turn black and fall out. If their teeth get routine they will have to see a dentist and the dentist will clean it for them. It is important that you brush your teeth every day so they are clean.

If they eat too much lollies they could also get really sick and you will have to go and see a doctor. The doctor will give you some medication to help you feel better. You could end up with a cold or feel dizzy and you will have to have to lie down.

You could end up with diabetes which means you have probably had too much sugar. Diabetes is a disease/illness and you could die by diabetes. Lollies have lots of sugar, that is how you get fat or have diabetes.

If kids eat to much lollies they could go all hyper because they had too much sugar. If they go hyper they could be really bad and break something. The they might break might be really expensive or old.

Friday, May 10, 2013

ingredients for a healthy sandwich

sandwich one, Brown Bread, Chicken, Tomatoes, Mayonnaise

sandwich two, Buns, ham, lettuce, Mayo

sandwich three, Buns, Patty, Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Tomato sauce, Mayonnaise,

Paris Holiday

In the holidays I went to the movies and I watched iron man three with my cousins and we had three big drinks and popcorn it was awesome. At iron man three the best part of the movie was the end of the movie because there was a big fight and then all these robot iron men came and started to help the original iron man. All of them together were like a giant army of flying robots.

My favourite thing about the holidays was going to the beach. The beach I went to was Mission Bay I played in the water with my little brother and cousin they had lots of fun in the water. Then I went to McDonald and had a big mac and a pepsi it was very nice. Then we went back to the beach played in the sand then mum told us were going home now and I run to the car and was first in the front. at pt england is a famous singer and he is also in a group called the black eyed peas.I was astonished that he came to pt england school and I performed right in front of it was awesome and I had allot fun on stage I would even do it again if I was allowed.

Before us was the polonium group and they done awesome I was really happy that we were chosen to preform when we finished and the audience was clapping and cheering when we were coming off stage. Then stood up and gave a $100.000.00 check from his foundation I am angel and it was a big check.

When I was coming back to class was there and he was talking to our class and It was cool because he came to our school and hallinstine brothers also came and they brought him here. The reason he came is because he saw our work online and he thought that we did good online.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Student vs Wild

Student Vs Wild is a competition that you have to put movies that you have made your self. My class is in student vs wild and it is really cool. I voted for my class because they had really good acting. Then I was watching other movies and they were very cool.

The movie that I thought was awesome was the movie that the people from my class made. It was really cool because when they did not build their hut properly they tried again and the second time it finally worked.

My class movie had lots of good parts in it to me. Crusader was the funniest in that movie because how he says lets try again makes me laugh because he says it weird. If I was in the movie I would like to be a zombie.

Pt England Survivors from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Tamaki Tech

At Tamaki Tech I am doing cooking. In cooking I cook with Nathan and Mikaiah at cooking. The best thing we had at cooking tech was the French toast. When we were eating the French toast it was delicious. After we finished I polished the benches. 

Three days before Easter we made chocolate muffins and they tasted great. Then I was mopping the floor and mikaiah was sweeping the floor and when we were finished we sat down in the cafe.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My favrouit sport

My favorite sport is rugby. In rugby you can tackle and bump people off and kick the ball over the goal and also get a yellow and red card. My favorite thing about rugby is the all blacks. The all blacks won the rugby world cup in 2011.

When I play rugby I play with my cousins and Silas when there here. This year I am playing rugby for the marist rugby club. I am going to start playing for marist today because I signed up yesterday.

Sometimes I play with my little brother and he has lots of fun when I tackle him. On Tuesday and Thursday I goto my rugby training and my rugby coach is Rob he is a good coach. When I wait for my brother.