Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country Reflection

  • Brain Storm
  • Running
  • Legs arcing
  • Sleeping in the mud/Getting dirty
  • House colours

‘At the starting line I was getting ready to run then the microphone beeped’. When we run I got into 9th Position. I had gotten up to the mud where Miss King and Miss Walters where. When I was going past them I suddenly slipped and my shirt and shorts got dirty. When I got up to Miss Squires my legs started to ark.

I was in Tainui which is blue. I was Still in the same position I was in when I started. I got to the goalpost and on to my second lap I got into 8th position when I got out the gate I was starting to have fun. Whenever I got up to Miss King and Miss Walters I always slipped.    

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