Friday, September 27, 2013

Beach poem

Where I'm from I dive into the water like a bird diving for fish.

I smell the sea water.  

I smell the sausages on barbecue   

I splash the water on your face  

I always lie in the sand.

Movie Reflection 2013

The movie that I made with Piri had lots of animation and no filming. The animations were good and the sound quality of the voiceover was really bad and the song did not go with the voiceover because the song was too slow and our rap was fast. Our rap was good all the words went together and some of the teachers liked it.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sixty The Quest

Yesterday I was in a production called sixty the quest I was in the seventy's and ninety's dance groups. In the seventy's we did Y.M.C.A and Night Fever.  Before we were watching the other performances on the T.V. My Favourite performance was the final performance because of there songs they chose it was a remix. My favourite performance I was in was the ninety's.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Paris family and friends

On Saturday I went to a baby shower and I was a helper. I was helping with the games, cheers, drinks and food. When I was helping there were people putting money in the piggy bank and at the end people had to guess how much money was in the piggy bank. The games we did were musical chairs, find the ball, smell the diaper, apple dunk and jelly dip.

My favourite game was the apple dunk because you had to try and get the apple whoever got the most apples in a minute gets a prize out of the box. the worst game was the smell the diaper you had to smell the thing inside the diaper and if you get it right you get a prize. the last game was the piggy bank game you had to guess how much money there was inside and if they got it right they got the money. T here was $27.00 inside and so the lady who won it also got cleaning stuff  

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Hamilton protester

In Hamilton we were in the streets protesting with boards and yelling 1234 we don't need that springbok tour. Many rugby fans were outraged when the game was cancelled and they were throwing cans and bottles and they were also booing and jeering.

When we were protesting some of us were hit by police batons and had blood on their face and there arms. Some of us were fighting back against the police. I was wearing a motorbike helmet and some other people were wearing helmets too. They also dropped smoke bombs on the field and the rugby fans run onto the field and the police had shields and batons.