Thursday, September 13, 2012

Olympic athlete Valerie Adams

This is my olympic story about the 2012 olympic games in london. There are lots of countries in the olympic games like NZ of course and australia all the countries are really competitive. Some olympic players took steroids which is a drug to give lots of strength in your body and valerie adams does not take steroids because she is not a cheater like the russian ostachuk.

Both of these ladies competed in the shot put event at the 2012 olympic games. the stuff you need for shot put is a shorts and singlet you can also wear a sweatband or a wristband. It is up to you if you want to wear a wristband or sweatband.

paris sneeze story

aaachoo!! excuse me I have the most humangest sneeze in the world. I can also go to different parts of the country I went to the london olympic games for free. Aaachoo my cousins call me super sneeze because I can fly anywhere I want because I am super sneeze the savior of the world protector of the innocent that is what I think.

I have made christchurch have a earthquake last year I almost went to prison but I flew into space and stayed for the night. I saw neil armstrong put the american flag down into the moon in slow motion. The next day I came down from space and belly flopped into baroco bamers pool.

Then mrs bamer came out and chased me down the road with her two german shepherds. Then aaachoo sorry I should really finish the story then I sneezed and made a tsunami in china and lots of people were saved and some went on with their lives and some will died. Then I sneezed home and raced usain bolt and won the 100 meter sprint and made a new world record of 4.09 seconds.      

Paris Olympic writing

Basketball has been in the olympics ever since the summer of 1936. Womens basketball has only been in the olympics since 1976. The first olympic basketball game was in 1936 that was when my great great popa was born.

If you like to play basketball you can give it a try. The things you will need for basketball are a basketball court  two hoops the players normally wear a singlet and shorts a wristband or a sweat band.

To get a point in basketball you have four ways from a long shot,free throw,a shot from outside the 3pt line is worth three points,In regular play, any shot inside the 3pt line is 2 points.
You get 2 points for every basket you make in.