Thursday, September 4, 2014

Shark finning

The New Zealand government will be banning shark finning on the 1/10/14 . The reason why shark finning will been banned is because it is a waste of life for the shark. The law will affect many fishermen if this is their daily hobby. They would want the sharks and marine life to live in peace and the wouldn't want the sharks to die in pain and agony.  The government wants to stop shark finning for good. If shark finning stops, the people that perform shark finning for money will be infuriated to this cause. People that shark fin are just like murders to the marine life. This could be like an extinction.

It is already an offence to the Animal Welfare Act People that do this are a nuisance and are just foolish people this is why the law and the government should stop shark finning for good. People that shark fin should stop and get arrested.  Some sharks may be going into extinction because people do that in America, New Zealand, China. People that shark fin get a lot of money out of this. They get thousands to millions of dollars in a year. The most money made in a year from shark finning was 100 million Dollars.

Shark finning is a global and social media disturbance. If people love animals then why do they kill sharks by taking their fins off and then chucking the sharks back into the water.

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