Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Future aspirations

Today we had a talk about our future aspirations. The people that were talking to us were Anthony Samuels - Tv Entertainer,  Paula Fakalata - Attitude Presenter, Amelia Unufe - Fashion Designer and Andrew Paterson - Radio Producer.

They talked about what they did in the past and present. The most inspiring person out of all of the people talking to us where Anthony who was a tv presenter on what now. Then there was Paula who talked to us about his life and what he does now. Last but not least Amelia who dose fashion designing.

Here is a little quote

Monday, November 24, 2014

Film Festival recount

I woke up with excitement and joy as today was the day of the Manaiakalani film festival. As I sprang out of bed and rushed to the kitchen. I quickly got out the cereal weet-bix is what I should have I thought to myself where's the milk.  I then brushed my teeth and put on my shoes. I packed my lunch and walked out the door in excitement and joy. Before I went I said ‘Bye mum’ and stormed off to school.

As I got to school my friends were all playing soccer on the court. When the bell rang we all walked back to in joy class. When we got to class we carried on working until 11:00 which was when we had morning tea. After morning tea we went on a bus to Sylvia park.

When we got to Sylvia Park we walked through Sylvia to the Hoyts cinema which you have to go up the steps and into the cinema. As we walk into the cinema there are schools from in our community. The school that was with us was Somervill special school.

My favorite movie of the day was class 2’s movie. The movie was called My T.V the movie was a mix of comedy horror and music. My favorite part of the movie was when one of the students farted while they were playing mortal kombat on the PS360 They used the characters liu Kang, Scorpion and Sub zero. The graphics that they drew where beyond insanity even their background was awesome. As we left the cinema we went on the bus back to school.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Paris Snapshots Assessment Stage 7 and 8 (2)

Addition/Subtraction Stage 7 and 8
Solve the problems below. Try to use the strategy explained in the box above each question. Make sure you show all the steps you use to solve it.
Stage 7: Advanced Multiplicative
I can choose appropriately from a broad range of mental strategies to estimate answers and solve addition and subtraction problems involving decimals, integers, and fractions. I can also use multiplication and division to solve addition and subtraction problems with whole numbers.

Stage 7: Advanced Multiplicative
I can split decimal numbers in parts to solve addition and subtraction problems.
e.g.a)  6.03 – 5.8 = __   as 6.03 – 5 – 0.8 = 1.03 – 0.8 = 0.23 (standard place value partitioning)  or
b)2.36 + 1.27 = 2 + 1 = 3,  and .3 + .2 = .5,  and .06 + .07 = .13  So 3 + .5 + .13 = 3.63
1. Shona needs a length of wood for some shelves. Her first shelf needs to be 1.27m long and the second shelf needs to be 1.86m long. How much timber does need altogether?

1.27 + 1.86= 3.13
1.0 + 1.0=2.0
0.2 +0.8=1.0
0.07 + 0.06=0.13

2. She ends up finding 2 lengths of timber that are long enough but will have to cut them to the right length. The first piece is 1.5m. How much does she need to cut off it for the first shelf?

2.0 - 1.5= 0.5
2.0 - 1.0=1.0
2.0 - 0.5= 1.5
1.0 - 1.5=0.5  

Stage 7: Advanced Multiplicative
I can solve addition and subtraction problems with decimal numbers by rounding and compensating. e.g.  a) 3.2 + 1.95 = (3.2 - .05) +  (1.95 + .05) = 3.15 + 2 = 5.15
Or b) 4.31 - 2.98 = 4.31 - 3 = 1.31 + .02 = 1.33

3. Dane was 1.46m tall when he last measured himself. He has since grown a further 0.47m. What is is height now?
1.46 + 0.47=1.93

-0.3       +0.3

1.43 + 0.5=1.93

4. When Dane was 1.46m tall his little sister was  only 0.98m tall. How much taller was Dane than his sister?

1.46 - 0.98=0.48

+0.2     +0.2

1.48 - 1.0= 0.48

Stage 7: Advanced Multiplicative
I can solve subtraction problems with decimal numbers by reversing to an addition equation then jumping up tidy numbers on a numberline (reverse and jump)
e.g. 6.03 - 5.8 =  5.8 + __ = 6.03
5.8 + 0.2 = 6,  6 + 0.03 = 6.03    .2 + .03 = .23       So 6.03 - 5.8 = 0.23

5. Tiana has a container with 2.75 litres of juice in it. She uses it to fill a smaller container of juice that holds .985 litres. How much juice is left in the larger container?

2.75 - .985=
2.750 - 0.985=
2.0 - 0.0 = 2.0
0.750 - 0.985=  

Stage 7: Stage 7: Advanced Multiplicative
I can solve problems involving the addition and subtraction of unlike fractions by finding common denominators and partitioning
e.g. ¾  + ⅝  =  (¾  +  2/8) + ⅜ =  (¾ + ¼) + ⅜ = 1 ⅜

6. Allanah has 3/4 of a one pizza left and 5/8 of another.  How much pizza has she got altogether?
4 pieces


Stage 7: Advanced Proportional:
I can use a range of mental partitioning strategies to estimate answers and solve problems that involve adding and subtracting fractions, including decimals. I am able to combine ratios and proportions with different amounts. The strategies include using partitions of fractions and “ones”, and finding equivalent fractions.

e.g. 2 ¾ - 1 ⅔ = 2 - 1 and ¾ - ⅔
= 1 and 9/12 - 8/12 = 1 1/12  (finding equivalent fractions)

  1. Tom knows that for every 20 newspapers he delivers he gets $1.60.  How many papers does he need to deliver to earn $20
13 times

Hana has a cup that hold .275 litres and a container that holds 2.2 litres.  How many cupfuls does she need to fill the container.

8 cup fulls

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Immersion Assembly

Immersion assembly was great. Our theme for the term is Art Attack. There were many different interesting and funny teams that went up onto the stage. The funniest one was team 4's because of one of the teams teachers Mr S/Somerville. The most interesting was team 5's act because there art was done upside down. My favorite team would have to be team 5 because there act was unexpected and you wouldn't suspect that the paintings would look like our principal and associate principal's. The painting on the right is our principal and the other two are our associate principal's.



Thursday, September 4, 2014

Shark finning

The New Zealand government will be banning shark finning on the 1/10/14 . The reason why shark finning will been banned is because it is a waste of life for the shark. The law will affect many fishermen if this is their daily hobby. They would want the sharks and marine life to live in peace and the wouldn't want the sharks to die in pain and agony.  The government wants to stop shark finning for good. If shark finning stops, the people that perform shark finning for money will be infuriated to this cause. People that shark fin are just like murders to the marine life. This could be like an extinction.

It is already an offence to the Animal Welfare Act People that do this are a nuisance and are just foolish people this is why the law and the government should stop shark finning for good. People that shark fin should stop and get arrested.  Some sharks may be going into extinction because people do that in America, New Zealand, China. People that shark fin get a lot of money out of this. They get thousands to millions of dollars in a year. The most money made in a year from shark finning was 100 million Dollars.

Shark finning is a global and social media disturbance. If people love animals then why do they kill sharks by taking their fins off and then chucking the sharks back into the water.

Paris Commonwealth countries and their sport

Monday, August 25, 2014

Popple want synonyms

Harold life education

Last week was our last week at the life education caravan. The life education caravan educates us to learn about how the body works. This year the year 7 & 8’s learnt about how drugs and alcohol affect your brain and body. The life education caravan is where we learn about the brain/roro tenana/body and life/ora.

Hauora or well is the human body. The human body goes through puberty in different ways. Puberty is one of the most difficult forms of life to go through. As you go through puberty it would be stressful for you because you will be hungry all the time. You will have a lot of growth spurts your body, mind and emotions will change just like that.

As we grow the brains maturity will extend around the brain. Well the rest of your body grows your brain will stay the same and have the same number of neurons as you were born with. Without the brain you wouldn't be able to move breath and you wouldn't even be alive.    

People that are addicted have drugs or drink alcohol 20.4.7. People that take drugs and their brains have the maturity of a five year old. People that drink at a young age could die or be unconscious because there tenana or body can not handle the power of beer or wine.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Eight-ball explanation

8-Ball is a popular game in many country. 8-Ball was started in the 19th century. The first ever 8-Ball recorded was in 1908. 8-Ball is a popular game in the U.S.A there are 16 balls and there are 15 coloured balls. The ball colours are 1 and 9: yellow, 2 and 10: blue, 3 and 11: red, 4 and 12: purple, 5 and 13: orange, 6 and 14: green, 7 and 15: brown, 8: black and  the white is the cue.

You can continue playing until you do a foul or you don’t hit a ball. While in the process of the game. When you're playing eight-ball one person is chosen to break which means you hit the ball and you have to try and split all of the 15 balls. When you get the ball in the holes you get your numbers if you get a one in you get 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7 and the others get 9,10,11,12,13,14 and 15 the 8 ball is the last ball to get in for any player.

8-Ball is a fun moving activity for a party game, Friendly game or a family game. 8-ball is also a difficult sport to play you have to stretch and try to hit the cue before you run out of time. You only get a certain amount of time to hit the ball with cue. The best part of the game is when you win.

When playing 8-ball you need technique and patience. It would be hard to hit the ball if you're shaking or not concentrating. When you hit all your balls in all you would have left is the black ball. If you hit the black ball in without hitting the other ball it would be an automatic win for your opponent and you will be disqualified from the game.  


Monday, August 4, 2014

Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games are refered to be the ‘friendly’ games. The commonwealth games are a sporting event which include many sports such as sprinting, rugby, high jump and many other events. There are 21 sports and 272 events in the commonwealth games this year. There are 51 countries in the commonwealth games, however 73 teams compete in the commonwealth games.

The first Commonwealth Games were held in Hamilton Canada in 1930. In 1942 and 1946 the commonwealth Games were delayed due to the second world war. From 1930 to 1950 the commonwealth games were known as the British Empire Games. The Commonwealth Games are held every four years in a different Country. The way they have the commonwealth games in   there Country is by bidding on the commonwealth games to host it. New Zealand has held the commonwealth games twice.

The athletes in the teams are the best of the best in their country. My favorite sport in the commonwealth games would have to be shooting. The thing I like about shooting is the men’s small-bore rifle 3 position 50m. My favorite male is Warren Potent from Australia and my favorite female is Natalie Rooney from New Zealand.

WW1 100th: aniversery

Today commemorates the hundredth anniversary of world war one. ‘Lest we forget’ To the people in WW1 we would like all of the men and women to R.I.P/Rest In Peace. We have anzac day every year to remember the people we lost.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Holiday recount

Crash! ‘oh no my car what have I done’ My car blows up BOOM! I was playing gta vice city. The game quality was so low on xbox I could see the character but not very well. ‘time to use the tank cheat B, B, Left Trigger, B, B, B, Left Trigger, White, Right trigger, Y, B, Y. Crash There’s the tank I do some missions to get some money. I was so concentrated on the game I wasn't even listening to mum. So I walk in to the siding room to have dinner mm mm butter chicken as I was eating my little brother went on the xbox. When I walk back into the room all my millions of dollars turned into hundreds of dollars. The time had come to get off the games when I walked back in.

The next day I finished off my breakfast weet-bix as usual as I sat the smoke alarm goes off ahh who had toast I yell. It was running really hard It was so cold I ask My mum ‘can I go and play the game’ she replies ‘yes’ as I go into the room i turn on the game and we have another game could half life. Half life is a game when you kill people with these things called creepers on there head you have to try and save everyone that is a survived from the blast

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Paris Swimming Draft

Darting from the field back to class the bell rings I ran as fast as I can to class. I just made it to class to get my togs. I then lined up in the line so we could walk down to the Aquatic center as we walk in you could smell the chlorine from the poll. We then went to the changing rooms to get into I swimming togs. After we got into our swimming togs we went to the pool.

When we got to the pool our instructor jackie was sorting us into our groups I was sent in to group two. Our instructor was jackie. The group that I was in were the unconfident swimming group. As we pounce into the pool the water splattered everywhere. When we get into the water we have to halt and listen to jackie. As we were swimming the constructor made us go two in each lane.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Paris Maths - Think Board fractions Master

Paris 2014 T2 W1 Fraction Word Problems EA

Fraction word problems.

1. There are 28 children in the class, and ½ go to the library. How many children go to the library?14

2. There are 12 paint brushes. I give 1/4 to Miss Chainey. How many do I have left? 3

3. There are 20 sweets in a packet. How many are there in 1/4 a packet?5

4. A ball is usually $2, but it is in the ½ price sale. How much is the ball now?1

5. A big cake needs 4 eggs, a small cake needs 3/4 the amount of eggs. How many eggs do you need to make a small cake?3

6. A fish is 15cm long. The tail is ⅕ of the fish. How long is the tail?3

7. There are 18 slices of ham in a packet. Mum uses 1/6 to make the lunch, how much is left?15

8. Jake has 4 sandwiches, but only eats ¾  of them. How many sandwiches has he eaten?3

9. Mrs Carter gets 30 new books. She lends 1/3 of them to Miss Young. How many books does she lend to Miss Young?10

10. The town of  Smallville is 100 km from the sea. ⅕ of the way to the sea is a lake.  How far away is the lake from Smallville.20

Monday, June 23, 2014

Paris Addition/ Subtraction consolidation

Add/Sub W6

Andrea collects 73 Skittles. Andrea's father gives Andrea 56 more. How many Skittles does Andrea have?129

Joshua has 62 cards. Christina has 64 cards. If Christina gives all of her cards to Joshua, how many cards will Joshua have?126

If there are 266 pencils in a box and Bridget puts 44 more pencils inside, how many pencils are in the box?310

Harold has 153 marbles. He gets 16 more from Steve. How many marbles does Harold have in all?169

If there are 79 blocks in a box and Christine puts 15 more blocks inside, how many blocks are in the box?94


Denise removes 5 bananas from a jar. There were originally 46 bananas in the jar. How many bananas are left in the jar?41

Arthur removes 29 pencils from a jar. There were originally 187 pencils in the jar. How many pencils are left in the jar?162

Joyce starts with 275 apples. She gives 59 to Larry. How many apples does Joyce end with?216

Rachel removes 47 bottle caps from a jar. There were originally 283 bottle caps in the jar. How many bottle caps are left in the jar?244

Michael weighs 87 kilograms. Douglas weighs 52 kilograms. How much heavier is Michael than Douglas?139

Pentagons Continue

Anne had 65 cents. She found 25 cents on the sidewalk. She bought a bag of chips for 55 cents. How much money did Anne have then?
40 cents

Jeff had 58 stickers.He used 16 of them this morning. He gave 10 to his friend Ed.How many stickers did Jeff have then?32
The movie theater has 95 seats.51 children and 24 adults went to the early show. How many seats were empty?25 seat’s were left

Trevor did his math homework for 16 minutes. He did his spelling homework for 12 minutes.He practiced the piano for 15 minutes. How much more time did Trevor spend doing homework?32 minutes

Angela spent the day at the beach.She saw 12 children swimming in the ocean.  15 children were playing in the sand. 20 children were splashing in the pool.How many children did Angela see at the beach?47 kids were at the beach

There were 24 sailboats and 25 motor boats in the harbor. 13 boats sailed out to sea.How many boats remained in the harbor?36

Monica's father cooked 20 hamburgers. Kurt's dad cooked 38 hamburgers. 45 hamburgers were eaten. How many hamburgers were left?13

The Happy Habitat had 21 koala bears.
They had 15 panda bears.
11 bears were moved to another zoo.
How many bears were left?25

Sparky had 28 balls.
He buried 10 in the garden and 6 behind the garage.
How many balls did Sparky have left?13

Brett made a bowl of Lucky Letters cereal.
He counted 57 consonants and 22 vowels.
After eating some cereal, he counted only 35 letters.
How many letters did Brett eat?44