Friday, July 25, 2014

Holiday recount

Crash! ‘oh no my car what have I done’ My car blows up BOOM! I was playing gta vice city. The game quality was so low on xbox I could see the character but not very well. ‘time to use the tank cheat B, B, Left Trigger, B, B, B, Left Trigger, White, Right trigger, Y, B, Y. Crash There’s the tank I do some missions to get some money. I was so concentrated on the game I wasn't even listening to mum. So I walk in to the siding room to have dinner mm mm butter chicken as I was eating my little brother went on the xbox. When I walk back into the room all my millions of dollars turned into hundreds of dollars. The time had come to get off the games when I walked back in.

The next day I finished off my breakfast weet-bix as usual as I sat the smoke alarm goes off ahh who had toast I yell. It was running really hard It was so cold I ask My mum ‘can I go and play the game’ she replies ‘yes’ as I go into the room i turn on the game and we have another game could half life. Half life is a game when you kill people with these things called creepers on there head you have to try and save everyone that is a survived from the blast

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