Monday, July 31, 2017

Projection Motion

What is projectile motion?
Projectile motion is the angle of release which can increase or decrease the distance traveled. Another motion is the height of release which which can also increase or decrease your travel distance. The higher your height and angle can make your throw go further. The more speed you have can also increase or decrease depending on the speed of the object.

What are the three parts of pm
AoR/Angle of Release
HofR/Height of Release
And SoR/Speed of Release

Explain the activity this morning related to pm
The activity that was done this morning was trying to shoot the paper into the hoop. We had to use pm to get it into the hoop. What we used to flick the paper was a rubber band. We had to find the height, speed and angle of release to get the paper in the hoop.


  1. Kia ora Paris,

    My name is James and I work with Tania as part of the Manaiakalani Outreach and Secondary connect projects. She passed me your blog to comment on and I'm really amazed to see how strong a blogger you are.

    This is a really informative post and it's a great starting point for convos around projectile motion. Did you talk about projectile motion and its application in real life? It would be great to see photos of experiments like this or even rough videos to get a real sense of what happened. I really like how you've structured your post as it helps me understand the whole context of the experiment and learning.

    Thanks for sharing your learning.


  2. Kia ora Paris,
    Thanks for sharing your understanding of projectile motion. I agree with James, it would be great to see some photos/videos of your experiments. It sounds like you had a great way of putting the theory of projection motion into practice with a practical experiment. I ALWAYS have trouble when it comes to playing darts! Maybe I need to think more about projectile motion when I am trying to play! What other games/sports do we use projectile motion in?

  3. Kia ora paris
    Good stuff keep up the good work i feel that everything on here is up to standard and that their really aren't anything for you to improve on. Thanks!