Friday, July 25, 2014

Holiday recount

Crash! ‘oh no my car what have I done’ My car blows up BOOM! I was playing gta vice city. The game quality was so low on xbox I could see the character but not very well. ‘time to use the tank cheat B, B, Left Trigger, B, B, B, Left Trigger, White, Right trigger, Y, B, Y. Crash There’s the tank I do some missions to get some money. I was so concentrated on the game I wasn't even listening to mum. So I walk in to the siding room to have dinner mm mm butter chicken as I was eating my little brother went on the xbox. When I walk back into the room all my millions of dollars turned into hundreds of dollars. The time had come to get off the games when I walked back in.

The next day I finished off my breakfast weet-bix as usual as I sat the smoke alarm goes off ahh who had toast I yell. It was running really hard It was so cold I ask My mum ‘can I go and play the game’ she replies ‘yes’ as I go into the room i turn on the game and we have another game could half life. Half life is a game when you kill people with these things called creepers on there head you have to try and save everyone that is a survived from the blast

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Paris Swimming Draft

Darting from the field back to class the bell rings I ran as fast as I can to class. I just made it to class to get my togs. I then lined up in the line so we could walk down to the Aquatic center as we walk in you could smell the chlorine from the poll. We then went to the changing rooms to get into I swimming togs. After we got into our swimming togs we went to the pool.

When we got to the pool our instructor jackie was sorting us into our groups I was sent in to group two. Our instructor was jackie. The group that I was in were the unconfident swimming group. As we pounce into the pool the water splattered everywhere. When we get into the water we have to halt and listen to jackie. As we were swimming the constructor made us go two in each lane.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Paris Maths - Think Board fractions Master

Paris 2014 T2 W1 Fraction Word Problems EA

Fraction word problems.

1. There are 28 children in the class, and ½ go to the library. How many children go to the library?14

2. There are 12 paint brushes. I give 1/4 to Miss Chainey. How many do I have left? 3

3. There are 20 sweets in a packet. How many are there in 1/4 a packet?5

4. A ball is usually $2, but it is in the ½ price sale. How much is the ball now?1

5. A big cake needs 4 eggs, a small cake needs 3/4 the amount of eggs. How many eggs do you need to make a small cake?3

6. A fish is 15cm long. The tail is ⅕ of the fish. How long is the tail?3

7. There are 18 slices of ham in a packet. Mum uses 1/6 to make the lunch, how much is left?15

8. Jake has 4 sandwiches, but only eats ¾  of them. How many sandwiches has he eaten?3

9. Mrs Carter gets 30 new books. She lends 1/3 of them to Miss Young. How many books does she lend to Miss Young?10

10. The town of  Smallville is 100 km from the sea. ⅕ of the way to the sea is a lake.  How far away is the lake from Smallville.20