Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Student vs Wild

Student Vs Wild is a competition that you have to put movies that you have made your self. My class is in student vs wild and it is really cool. I voted for my class because they had really good acting. Then I was watching other movies and they were very cool.

The movie that I thought was awesome was the movie that the people from my class made. It was really cool because when they did not build their hut properly they tried again and the second time it finally worked.

My class movie had lots of good parts in it to me. Crusader was the funniest in that movie because how he says lets try again makes me laugh because he says it weird. If I was in the movie I would like to be a zombie.

Pt England Survivors from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Tamaki Tech

At Tamaki Tech I am doing cooking. In cooking I cook with Nathan and Mikaiah at cooking. The best thing we had at cooking tech was the French toast. When we were eating the French toast it was delicious. After we finished I polished the benches. 

Three days before Easter we made chocolate muffins and they tasted great. Then I was mopping the floor and mikaiah was sweeping the floor and when we were finished we sat down in the cafe.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My favrouit sport

My favorite sport is rugby. In rugby you can tackle and bump people off and kick the ball over the goal and also get a yellow and red card. My favorite thing about rugby is the all blacks. The all blacks won the rugby world cup in 2011.

When I play rugby I play with my cousins and Silas when there here. This year I am playing rugby for the marist rugby club. I am going to start playing for marist today because I signed up yesterday.

Sometimes I play with my little brother and he has lots of fun when I tackle him. On Tuesday and Thursday I goto my rugby training and my rugby coach is Rob he is a good coach. When I wait for my brother.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Skrillex is a Beat artist in the USA. His name was chosen by a song called ‘My name is Skrillex’. His most popular album to me is ‘Bangarang’ because it has my favourite song it is ‘ breaking a sweat’. He also has the best remixed album of 2013 and techno.

He is the best beat artist I have ever heard and I would like to meet him in person. If I was famous I would like to make music just like him because one of his remixes favourite remix it is scary monsters and nice sprites remix.

Skrillex is his stage name. He has been making beats ever since 2000. He makes a lot of money and works with singers and bands. Skrillex Made up to nine albums. He is just as good as Dubstep and they are really similar.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Fiafia assembly - drumming with cook island drumming and dancing

At assembly the drummers for Fiafia were awesome just like the Cook island group. First were the drummers there arms were everywhere their hands went up and down. When the drummers were drumming they were the best I have seen in the whole school. The best drummer there to me was Anthony.

The man showing them how to drum was Anthony's dad and he must of been a really good drummer back in the days because he looked like he was a expert at drumming. He just moved the sticks and they all knew exactly what to make whatever they were hitting the sticks with they were perfect.

When the Cook islanders started to drum it was loud and also cool at the same time. Then the Cook island girls came up and started to dance. The Cook island drummers were drumming and the girls had this skirt on it was orange and had white feathers on the back of it. Then they it started to get quiet and then it was finished

Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter weekend

What Easter means to me is enjoying and having fun with my family and friends. On easter day I had a B.B.Q with my family. I was playing with my cousin Ben and we were playing wrestling on the tramp. I almost beat him and then he threw me off the tramp. If we were out of the tramp for longer than ten seconds we would be out.

On Easter Monday I went to Parnell beach and we had a feed. My family and I went and we had a lot of fun in the water. I was playing with my niece in the sand. Then I went to the wharf with my uncle bombed off the wharf.

On Tuesday I gave some of my easter eggs to my cousins and they ate it straight away. They already ate the easter eggs in one sitting and I was confused with them. then I went to my other aunts and then she gave me a easter egg. Then my uncle gave me a easter egg and it was a good day for me.