Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter weekend

What Easter means to me is enjoying and having fun with my family and friends. On easter day I had a B.B.Q with my family. I was playing with my cousin Ben and we were playing wrestling on the tramp. I almost beat him and then he threw me off the tramp. If we were out of the tramp for longer than ten seconds we would be out.

On Easter Monday I went to Parnell beach and we had a feed. My family and I went and we had a lot of fun in the water. I was playing with my niece in the sand. Then I went to the wharf with my uncle bombed off the wharf.

On Tuesday I gave some of my easter eggs to my cousins and they ate it straight away. They already ate the easter eggs in one sitting and I was confused with them. then I went to my other aunts and then she gave me a easter egg. Then my uncle gave me a easter egg and it was a good day for me.

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