Monday, April 8, 2013

Fiafia assembly - drumming with cook island drumming and dancing

At assembly the drummers for Fiafia were awesome just like the Cook island group. First were the drummers there arms were everywhere their hands went up and down. When the drummers were drumming they were the best I have seen in the whole school. The best drummer there to me was Anthony.

The man showing them how to drum was Anthony's dad and he must of been a really good drummer back in the days because he looked like he was a expert at drumming. He just moved the sticks and they all knew exactly what to make whatever they were hitting the sticks with they were perfect.

When the Cook islanders started to drum it was loud and also cool at the same time. Then the Cook island girls came up and started to dance. The Cook island drummers were drumming and the girls had this skirt on it was orange and had white feathers on the back of it. Then they it started to get quiet and then it was finished

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