Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Sports is important because it helps you with your fitness. Sport is a good thing for losing weight and being strong. My favourite sport is running . If you run you can burn fat and get more and more faster. When I run I usually do another lap and then I finish. My favourite athlete is Usain Bolt. The reason why my favourite athlete is Usain Bolt is because he is the fastest man on the planet.

When I’m older I would like to be in the Olympics and be as fast as Usain bolt and win the 100 meter sprint and win a gold medal. If I got the chance to meet Usain bolt I would be delighted.
Tomorrow the year 7 and 8 have a  5 kilometre run. I am in the 5 kilometre run and I want to have a really good time.

Monday, July 8, 2013

The prospective student

The prospective student was climbing up the tretiris mountain his hand almost slips off the edge of the cliff and almost falls from a big gust of wind. As he struggles to reach the top he tries not to let go. With all his strength and mite he grips and pulls himself to the top.

When he reaches the top he see’s a Giant Dojo. When he reaches the Dojo he Knocks on the giant door and the master of the dojo opens the door and points. When the Master pointed the student was sad and he waited all night.

The next day he opened his eyes hoping he was allowed in the Dojo but the master pointed again and he still wasn't allowed so he walked and then he got really angry and clenched his knuckles. So he turned around and kicked the door down ready to battle with the master. Then the master points again so the student looks and he see’s a sign and feels embarrassed.