Friday, April 8, 2011

My Goal

Hi my name is Paris and my goal is to be a cop.


  1. Hi Paris. That is good to have a goal about what job you would like. Why do you want to be a cop??
    What attracts you to the job?
    Please write and tell me.
    I met a great local cop when I visited another school last week. His name is Jeff. Maybe he could come and visit your class and talk about being a cop. The students asked him heaps and heaps of questions and it was very interesting.

  2. Hey Paris do you really want to be a cop. Its a very interesting job do in the future when you grow up.Why dose being a cop interest you to be one when you grow up
    it is going to be really hard to become one.
    You need explain more about why you want to be a cop in the future.