Thursday, December 13, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

It has been a good year for me because I have completed lots of different subjects to a high level. There are about 5 to 6 schools that use netbooks in our community and we are one of those schools! Netbooks help me learn because I now feel more confident to write and create.

We should all be cybersmart on our netbooks. I solve problems on my netbook and help others solve problems on their netbook too. I take care of my netbook and I don’t drop it and I always charge it. The netbook helps us to learn, create and share way better than we used to.

A problem I have had this year is the Internet is always slow and often shows up a kills page in Chrome. I think that the webcam needs a better microphone so I can record better clips. Also, the hinges are too weak and it breaks your screen.

Next year I want to get a new netbook and make sure the webcam works better. Thank you to Mr and Mrs Burt for my netbook. I look forward to another great year in 2013!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

the day my toy came alive

My teddys name is ted he is a really fun teddy until one day something amazing happened he came to life. he was only one day old I got him on christmas day he could not talk when I got him and now he can he can drive cars and crash it is kind of funny. He is scared of thunder and he has been my friend ever since I got him.
he is in his twenty two years old I am seven years older than him. He has a twitter and facebook you can add him but he will not add you if you add him but if he sent you a request you must confirm it if you don’t he will keep trying to add you.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

free blog writing

My name is paris I have five friends called skrill khikhi michael jackson penny and Ben.  penny is a boy just so you know it's a girl name I know right and no need for applause I am just so smart. we are also from pt england school we just come by for a swim just for once and awhile . When we came out of the water some big looking crab came past and dragged me back in the water . Then penny was next and skrill picked up the tasser and tasered it and then it never came back. The next day I bring my dad along for a swim he did not want to though so he looked for that giant crab but it did not come it was just weird . 

My dad went because he was getting bored . then he came back with fish and chips but we weren't there so he went back home and we were not home so he called for a search party and they found us in the middle of the sandy beach with that terrifying humongous crab and so they shot it and it died then they all had a party .Then these baby crabs come out and start eating the sand and done this crab and write under kill all humans .

So we went back home fast and found a machete and I got my pitbull it houd and ate the baby crabs and the next day my pitbull raschel died of crabby cancer so we done a funeral and got his dog mates dribbler and greedy guts they were his best friends they beat each other a lot when they were racing especially dribbler he always made those two slip. So the next week the whole of auckland looked for the crab and killed it and then somehow raschel come back to life and turned into super dog and flew around New Zealand .Thats how the story ends and that is how it always will be.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Olympic athlete Valerie Adams

This is my olympic story about the 2012 olympic games in london. There are lots of countries in the olympic games like NZ of course and australia all the countries are really competitive. Some olympic players took steroids which is a drug to give lots of strength in your body and valerie adams does not take steroids because she is not a cheater like the russian ostachuk.

Both of these ladies competed in the shot put event at the 2012 olympic games. the stuff you need for shot put is a shorts and singlet you can also wear a sweatband or a wristband. It is up to you if you want to wear a wristband or sweatband.

paris sneeze story

aaachoo!! excuse me I have the most humangest sneeze in the world. I can also go to different parts of the country I went to the london olympic games for free. Aaachoo my cousins call me super sneeze because I can fly anywhere I want because I am super sneeze the savior of the world protector of the innocent that is what I think.

I have made christchurch have a earthquake last year I almost went to prison but I flew into space and stayed for the night. I saw neil armstrong put the american flag down into the moon in slow motion. The next day I came down from space and belly flopped into baroco bamers pool.

Then mrs bamer came out and chased me down the road with her two german shepherds. Then aaachoo sorry I should really finish the story then I sneezed and made a tsunami in china and lots of people were saved and some went on with their lives and some will died. Then I sneezed home and raced usain bolt and won the 100 meter sprint and made a new world record of 4.09 seconds.      

Paris Olympic writing

Basketball has been in the olympics ever since the summer of 1936. Womens basketball has only been in the olympics since 1976. The first olympic basketball game was in 1936 that was when my great great popa was born.

If you like to play basketball you can give it a try. The things you will need for basketball are a basketball court  two hoops the players normally wear a singlet and shorts a wristband or a sweat band.

To get a point in basketball you have four ways from a long shot,free throw,a shot from outside the 3pt line is worth three points,In regular play, any shot inside the 3pt line is 2 points.
You get 2 points for every basket you make in.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Synchronised Swimming

This is me competing in the individual synchronised swimming event at the London 2012 Olympic Games!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Today is the first day of term three. This term is about the London olympics. We had a immersion assembly in the hall all we did was watch clips and learn about famous olympic warriors. It was funny and boring some clips like the last clip almost made everyone laugh. I bursted out with laughter but I liked team fours clip. But Miss King was the funniest because she had the barbie dolls.

my 2nd favorite team was team 5 because some of the people I didn’t know about them at all so that is why they were my 2nd favorite. My third favorite was team 1 it was cool because miss gorge went to see two famous olympians. shoting

Thursday, June 28, 2012

art gallery

This art is by the whole of room 10. It is my favrait piece of art because it is created by a whole class.

picasso rock star

This is my picasso rock star it is Bob Marley.He is my favourite singer. I did not do my best art work I thought. 

The evil cat

Something brushed up against my foot and my surprise turned to horror as I looked down and saw a ugly banana. The banana was rotten and ugly ‘I said eminem rap him away’ but he was scared of the rotten banana. So I got a hammer and smashed the banana. It looked like chris brown stuff coming out of the banana it was disgusting and horrible. Then some other thing came up it was a cute kitten. I started patting it and then it turned all evil and weird on me so I told uncle nutcase I thought he would of run it over but he screamed like a little girl and climbed a tree and cried. Then he said ‘what is that thing’ and I said ‘it is a evil cat’

Then the cat scratched my face and I run and then the kitten got hit by a car and it turned into a robot cat it run as fast as the speed of light. Then I found a bat and said batter up then the G.I police came and arrested me for being a animal abuse and I said but that is not a cat it is a robot. Then I went home and the police man slapped my head and then I punched his face and then he cried.

Then I said why are you crying and then he said that is why I looked at the back of him and there was that same cat it clued in to his shoes and ripped them apart and the policeman had a diseased foot and then the cat done a furball I turned sick and squid on it two times and then it exploded into a million pieces and then I said ’it is finally
gone’ Then it comes back to life and I go ‘come on really I just killed you go to your grave just pretend you are died ok’

Then I said please just go away i'm not going to prison just leave.You now those sad movies how they look down and cry well this is it what I just said to that cat made it sad and cry so I went back to it and hissed at me and run away. The next morning I saw the cat getting taken to the pound so I run as fast as I can to catch it but the van was too fast. So I saw neo’s mum go past I asked her for a ride to the pound. I was at the pound and I thanked her and gave her 20$. Then I went inside and saved it said thank you and faded away.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The awesome rugby game

There was a rugby game in the weekend it was the All Blacks vs Ireland it was cool I watched it on sky so I wasn't close up to the game it was a good game we won thirty something. my favourite sport is rugby because you can watch and play can bump off giant people off the other team. there are a lot of dangerous and panfil tackles but I mostly like the kicks and tackles. The hardest part of rugby is the scrum because you ciliad with the other team and you can get squashed.

The best parts of some rugby games are the fights because it has the most action in it. But the most boring part in rugby is the kicking because you wait for ages and it gets boring then you want to leave and then they finally kick the ball and then im like finally it has been kicked after thirty seconds. Then you go back to the game and when they got the try then I stand up and go ooooooh they got the try.     

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Holiday

My holidays were really cool. Because I went to swimmerama and went on the waterside.Then I wet and wild water park I was soaked but Silas was really soaked.I was laughing at Silas and he started to get angry and so he chased me and I slipped into the pool with my togs on and he said that it is payback time.I run away and hid from Silas and he went past me.Then he found me.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Swimming days

On monday we went to the G.I pools near the Glen Innes family center. I am such a bad swimmer. I always put all my weight into my arms so that is why the board always sinks into the water. I am the worst swimmers in my group. My group is group one and every one is a better swimmer than me. But I am a good floater but I dont like swimming because I suck.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My pirate story

Arr!! me hearty I am Captain engoing women and my ship is the Black Hawk.The Black Hawk is a killer weapon of distraction and that means I am not a fun pirate.I have four crew members Neo the ugly one Rocky the creepy one Isiah the speedy one Mikaiah the strongest one and shayne the one who looks at you and die because he is so ugly.But man they are good fighters but I am a bad fighter.I cant even hit a beanbag I broke my arm doing that man it heart.

I have black teeth if you think that I am ling you can see.proof that I will not brush not once and if you say that my breath smells you are wrong it smells like how I wont it.

Dr.Ben Carson

Week 5 the year 5-8 went to see at the and it was boring the way there.As soon as we got there I thought it was boring then it was starting to get all goods and then I all most fell a sleep cause it went back to boring it was so boring Dr.Ben Carson is a fames Dr who has stopped connected twins hearts and split them a part.When we went on a trip to see Dr Ben Carson we watched add of his movie gifted hands.It looked like a cool movie but not as cool as the movies I watch.The funny movies are what I watch.Dr.Ben C arson is a fames Dr who has stopped connected twins hearts and split them a part.When we went on a trip to see Dr Ben Carson we watched add of his movie gifted hands.It looked like a cool movie but not as cool as the movies I watch the funny movies are what I watch.Dr.Ben Carson when we got to the munkau telstra clear stadium we saw DR.BEN CARSON!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Room 16

Room sixteen has the best teacher ever, Mr s!!!!! He has 33 young adults in his class. One of them is me! I am in strats and pandas for maths and reading. Strats are the second highest group in maths just like pandas but in reading. Mr S is the best teacher you will ever meet.

Friday, February 3, 2012

My name is Paris I am ten years old I have three brothers and I have no sisters.My dad is in Australia he cant come over but he dose call us once and a while. We have 16 animals it is like a farm.I was born Auckland New Zealand hospital. My hair colour is black and my eyes are brown. My favorite sport is base ball my favorite band is link park and my favorite animal is a puma. My best subject maths and my worst is writing even that I am writing.

My family members are one dad one mum and three brothers and have twenty friends.In the future I will dance and my role model is my mum. My hobbies are running.I am Maurie.