Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The awesome rugby game

There was a rugby game in the weekend it was the All Blacks vs Ireland it was cool I watched it on sky so I wasn't close up to the game it was a good game we won thirty something. my favourite sport is rugby because you can watch and play can bump off giant people off the other team. there are a lot of dangerous and panfil tackles but I mostly like the kicks and tackles. The hardest part of rugby is the scrum because you ciliad with the other team and you can get squashed.

The best parts of some rugby games are the fights because it has the most action in it. But the most boring part in rugby is the kicking because you wait for ages and it gets boring then you want to leave and then they finally kick the ball and then im like finally it has been kicked after thirty seconds. Then you go back to the game and when they got the try then I stand up and go ooooooh they got the try.     

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