Thursday, June 28, 2012

The evil cat

Something brushed up against my foot and my surprise turned to horror as I looked down and saw a ugly banana. The banana was rotten and ugly ‘I said eminem rap him away’ but he was scared of the rotten banana. So I got a hammer and smashed the banana. It looked like chris brown stuff coming out of the banana it was disgusting and horrible. Then some other thing came up it was a cute kitten. I started patting it and then it turned all evil and weird on me so I told uncle nutcase I thought he would of run it over but he screamed like a little girl and climbed a tree and cried. Then he said ‘what is that thing’ and I said ‘it is a evil cat’

Then the cat scratched my face and I run and then the kitten got hit by a car and it turned into a robot cat it run as fast as the speed of light. Then I found a bat and said batter up then the G.I police came and arrested me for being a animal abuse and I said but that is not a cat it is a robot. Then I went home and the police man slapped my head and then I punched his face and then he cried.

Then I said why are you crying and then he said that is why I looked at the back of him and there was that same cat it clued in to his shoes and ripped them apart and the policeman had a diseased foot and then the cat done a furball I turned sick and squid on it two times and then it exploded into a million pieces and then I said ’it is finally
gone’ Then it comes back to life and I go ‘come on really I just killed you go to your grave just pretend you are died ok’

Then I said please just go away i'm not going to prison just leave.You now those sad movies how they look down and cry well this is it what I just said to that cat made it sad and cry so I went back to it and hissed at me and run away. The next morning I saw the cat getting taken to the pound so I run as fast as I can to catch it but the van was too fast. So I saw neo’s mum go past I asked her for a ride to the pound. I was at the pound and I thanked her and gave her 20$. Then I went inside and saved it said thank you and faded away.


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