Tuesday, October 23, 2012

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My name is paris I have five friends called skrill khikhi michael jackson penny and Ben.  penny is a boy just so you know it's a girl name I know right and no need for applause I am just so smart. we are also from pt england school we just come by for a swim just for once and awhile . When we came out of the water some big looking crab came past and dragged me back in the water . Then penny was next and skrill picked up the tasser and tasered it and then it never came back. The next day I bring my dad along for a swim he did not want to though so he looked for that giant crab but it did not come it was just weird . 

My dad went because he was getting bored . then he came back with fish and chips but we weren't there so he went back home and we were not home so he called for a search party and they found us in the middle of the sandy beach with that terrifying humongous crab and so they shot it and it died then they all had a party .Then these baby crabs come out and start eating the sand and done this crab and write under kill all humans .

So we went back home fast and found a machete and I got my pitbull it houd and ate the baby crabs and the next day my pitbull raschel died of crabby cancer so we done a funeral and got his dog mates dribbler and greedy guts they were his best friends they beat each other a lot when they were racing especially dribbler he always made those two slip. So the next week the whole of auckland looked for the crab and killed it and then somehow raschel come back to life and turned into super dog and flew around New Zealand .Thats how the story ends and that is how it always will be.

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