Thursday, September 13, 2012

paris sneeze story

aaachoo!! excuse me I have the most humangest sneeze in the world. I can also go to different parts of the country I went to the london olympic games for free. Aaachoo my cousins call me super sneeze because I can fly anywhere I want because I am super sneeze the savior of the world protector of the innocent that is what I think.

I have made christchurch have a earthquake last year I almost went to prison but I flew into space and stayed for the night. I saw neil armstrong put the american flag down into the moon in slow motion. The next day I came down from space and belly flopped into baroco bamers pool.

Then mrs bamer came out and chased me down the road with her two german shepherds. Then aaachoo sorry I should really finish the story then I sneezed and made a tsunami in china and lots of people were saved and some went on with their lives and some will died. Then I sneezed home and raced usain bolt and won the 100 meter sprint and made a new world record of 4.09 seconds.      


  1. Hey there Paris

    I love your story do you really have a big sneeze! Fantastic work looks like you worked hard on your writing.

    Kind regards Rocky

  2. Hey paris I like you amazing story that you have written. I like the way you use lots of different words that I have never heard.
    Thank you