Thursday, December 13, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

It has been a good year for me because I have completed lots of different subjects to a high level. There are about 5 to 6 schools that use netbooks in our community and we are one of those schools! Netbooks help me learn because I now feel more confident to write and create.

We should all be cybersmart on our netbooks. I solve problems on my netbook and help others solve problems on their netbook too. I take care of my netbook and I don’t drop it and I always charge it. The netbook helps us to learn, create and share way better than we used to.

A problem I have had this year is the Internet is always slow and often shows up a kills page in Chrome. I think that the webcam needs a better microphone so I can record better clips. Also, the hinges are too weak and it breaks your screen.

Next year I want to get a new netbook and make sure the webcam works better. Thank you to Mr and Mrs Burt for my netbook. I look forward to another great year in 2013!

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