Monday, March 24, 2014

Paris News paper Report

A Malaysian airlines aircraft was lost but no one knows where it went. Malaysian airlines had two New Zealand passengers on board and two people with stolen passports. There was one radio call before it just vanished into thin air and it also went past it’s point where it was supposed to land. The number to the missing aircraft was MH370.

There were lots of people that think they saw the missing aircraft.One of the men at an oil factory in the middle of the ocean though they saw a plane on fire going towards the sea. There was also a person that saw a piece of scrap metal that could have fallen off the plane that could be a clue to the missing flight.       
The people have been looking for days for the aircraft. All They have found is debry in different places. It’s even been on one side of malaysia and then the other. Malaysian airlines does not know where It had crash landed or landed.

The Australian navy and a New Zealand plane have been looking for days and night. There has been sightings of debris everywhere no one knows where it could have crashed. New Zealand has been searching day and night for the plane but all they have found are pecas of metal just floating in the water.


  1. Great report Paris, such a shame about this Malaysian airlines flight. Hopefully they find the plane soon - it's great to see NZ is also helping out in tracking down the plane!

  2. Hi Paris. My name is Johnetta Heningburg. I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am currently learning more about blogging in my EDM 310 course. I found your report on the disappearance of the Malaysian aircraft very informative. I love the details including the oil factory worker in the ocean that made claims of seeing an airplane on fire and headed into the sea. Keep up the great work.