Monday, November 24, 2014

Film Festival recount

I woke up with excitement and joy as today was the day of the Manaiakalani film festival. As I sprang out of bed and rushed to the kitchen. I quickly got out the cereal weet-bix is what I should have I thought to myself where's the milk.  I then brushed my teeth and put on my shoes. I packed my lunch and walked out the door in excitement and joy. Before I went I said ‘Bye mum’ and stormed off to school.

As I got to school my friends were all playing soccer on the court. When the bell rang we all walked back to in joy class. When we got to class we carried on working until 11:00 which was when we had morning tea. After morning tea we went on a bus to Sylvia park.

When we got to Sylvia Park we walked through Sylvia to the Hoyts cinema which you have to go up the steps and into the cinema. As we walk into the cinema there are schools from in our community. The school that was with us was Somervill special school.

My favorite movie of the day was class 2’s movie. The movie was called My T.V the movie was a mix of comedy horror and music. My favorite part of the movie was when one of the students farted while they were playing mortal kombat on the PS360 They used the characters liu Kang, Scorpion and Sub zero. The graphics that they drew where beyond insanity even their background was awesome. As we left the cinema we went on the bus back to school.

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