Wednesday, August 28, 2013

M.L.K Anniversary

This week is the anniversary of Martin Luther King made a speech. In the beginning of his speech was I had a dream. His dream was about black and white people to come together. schools. He fought for his civil rights for the blacks.

Martin Luther King didn’t want as much blacks in jail. The blacks and the whites were segregated. The blacks and the whites had to go too different schools and different towns. The blacks didn’t have as much money as the whites so the blacks were kind of poor.

Back then the blacks lives were hard. They were sadly crippled because of the whites. The blacks were treated badly like they were slaves. The blacks had to give up their seats on the buses to the whites. If they didn’t they would go straight to jail.

In Martin’s life he worked hard. People tried to kill him. They bombed his house and stabbed him. Unfortunately it was the end of his life.  He got assassinated by getting shot in the heart in 1968. He got assassinated because the whites wanted to be shellfish and they didn’t want the blacks to have equal rights.

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  1. Hi Paris,
    I enjoyed reading your write up on Marin Luther King. He had to put up with a lot but he knew it was worth fighting for. Could you please explain what 'segregated' means?