Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Going To my auntys

Yesterday I went to my aunt's house and I got KFC and she let me play black ops 2 on her sons PS3. When I was playing I was head shot and died. When I saw who killed me on the cam I done a head shot on him and I got a trophy and then I played street fighter four. On street fighter I used ryu and My cousin Beni tried to KO me but I KO'D him and Then he used Ken.

When we finished I played outside on the tramp. I was just back and front flipping and doing back jumps.When I done a front flip I fell off the trump and smacked my head on the grass and heard a big thud. Then my aunt laughed and tried to ask if I was all right so she took me inside.

So she put an icepack on my head and then gave me a fizzy drink and a pack of gum.After she I felt better mum came to pick me and my brothers up and then when we were going home she gave us all a drink of fizzy

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