Friday, May 10, 2013

Paris Holiday

In the holidays I went to the movies and I watched iron man three with my cousins and we had three big drinks and popcorn it was awesome. At iron man three the best part of the movie was the end of the movie because there was a big fight and then all these robot iron men came and started to help the original iron man. All of them together were like a giant army of flying robots.

My favourite thing about the holidays was going to the beach. The beach I went to was Mission Bay I played in the water with my little brother and cousin they had lots of fun in the water. Then I went to McDonald and had a big mac and a pepsi it was very nice. Then we went back to the beach played in the sand then mum told us were going home now and I run to the car and was first in the front.

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  1. Hi Paris I liked your storie It was very interesting one question where did you go to see the movies.