Friday, May 10, 2013 at pt england is a famous singer and he is also in a group called the black eyed peas.I was astonished that he came to pt england school and I performed right in front of it was awesome and I had allot fun on stage I would even do it again if I was allowed.

Before us was the polonium group and they done awesome I was really happy that we were chosen to preform when we finished and the audience was clapping and cheering when we were coming off stage. Then stood up and gave a $100.000.00 check from his foundation I am angel and it was a big check.

When I was coming back to class was there and he was talking to our class and It was cool because he came to our school and hallinstine brothers also came and they brought him here. The reason he came is because he saw our work online and he thought that we did good online.

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