Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Finding gold

Joseph and Klein were beginning to dig for gold in the mine field when suddenly a creeper from Minecraft rose from the underworld and attacked. When the creeper attacked they hit the monster back with force and a piece of kentucky fried chicken came out of the monster and they shared the kentucky fried chicken and then they carried on with their adventure to search for gold.

When they were digging they hit into something really hard and it broke one of the pick axes. So they started to dig and it was a big piece of gold and the piece of gold was so heavy that not even all three of them could carry it. When they put it down Sam called two of his old friends Kyle and Cartman. When Kyle and Cartman and came it was much easier to left the giant piece of gold.

When they all got up to the top it was dark. They were worried because they could not see anything. It was midnight and cold and they were all stuck in one car with no blankets or pillows because they were lost in the forest, so they thought. As soon as the sun rose they were already in the middle of town and everybody was staring through the window.

Some of the people tried to break the glass and steal the gold but the glass could never break. When they got out of the car they took the gold to the city prime minister and he gave a little piece to the hole town. The prime minister said to the boys ‘Since you found the gold you get one big piece’ So they shared that giant piece of gold with their families and they were so happy.



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