Friday, June 7, 2013

My family

In my family I have three brothers my mum and my dad. My dad is in Australia and he comes over once or twice a year. When my dad comes over he sometimes brings bring stuff for us to keep. My mum takes me and my brothers to Sylvia park once and awhile and she takes us to buy some clothes or shoes.

My brothers names are Silas, Lennox and Calay. My brother Calay lives with my aunty and my aunty is out west. We go out west to have a visit and we play with his dog on the tramp. When he had a party we went to rainbows end and we went on the invader.  

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  1. Cool story pairs I have 2 brothers and 3 sister.
    I hardly go to Sylvia park i all ways go to the warehouse.
    one of my brothers lives in Australia and my other brother stays with me and my sister lives in Wellington. I went to rainbows end to I like the power surge.