Friday, December 13, 2013

Prize giving

Yesterday we had prize giving. The juniors witch are the years 1 - 4 Where in the after lunch and the seniors witch are the years 5 - 8. I was in the Senior prize giving. I did the year seven dance and we did Fresh prince of belier. I was on the second row to the front. There was acting and dancing In our performance. I liked our performance Because The acting was funny and the dance was fun.

The best performance to me was the year 8 performance Because they sang and danced and the boys and girls all did different dances and all sang a song at the end of the song. The boys Dance was probably the best dance because they all did it at the right timing and none of them where off time.

I got to see almost everyones dance apart from the juniors. I had a lot of laughs watching some of the dances.  

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