Monday, December 9, 2013



Getting of the bus outside of ACTION WORLD. The year sevens all walked into the entrance. We all waited for the man from ACTION WORLD to come and tell us what we were going to do next.

We sat down on the tables in the middle of everything.Next the man told us the rules for the day. We had to take of our shoes and socks.

We had to get into groups. My group was room 21 and 22 year 7 boys.After the instructor told us the rules we all went of in our groups to the activity we had to do.

We went on the JUNGLE SWINGS first to start of the day. Then we went rock climbing and after rock climbing we did jump and slide.

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  1. Hi Paris,
    That was a cool day. I liked the bit about the Jump and Slide because you can jump very high. It sounded like an exciting day!
    From Logan