Friday, March 15, 2013

School assembly

At assembly we sang the national anthem. Then Mr Burt was talking about the korero. The korero was about respect and respect stood for remember, eyes and ears, speed, posture, everybody, co-operating, together.

After the korero a man started to sing and he was from London. He is Mrs M's brother and he was a really good singer. He was singing opera and he was the best. I would like to sing just like him because I am not that good. I would like to sing just like him.

He sang a song about Samoa after the tsunami hit Samoa. It was a great song and very kind of him and his friends to sing and make this song for Samoa after the tsunami.

When he finished everybody cheered for him I thought he was a great singer. After that Mr Burt handed out the Duffy certificates and my little brother got one.

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