Monday, March 25, 2013

My Hero

My hero would have Laser eyes super speed super strength mind control and what all superheroes have a weakness. His weakness is kryptonite as soon as he sees it he loses strength and makes him weak. My superheros name is not his name is the black lightning his costume is black and when he goes superfast he looks just like a lightning bolt.

His worst enemy is duby the clown. Duby the clown always has a victim for black lightning to come and duby the clown laughs evilly “muhahahaha you can never defeat me I am invincible” says duby the clown. So black lightning uses his super speed and goes straight thru duby the clown. Duby the clown hasn't got a scratch but he is in horror Duby the clown went to prison like always.

Then he broke out of prison and all the worst villains came out there was a supervillain that could disguise himself as another superhero. So he turned into superman and started to put all the superheros in prison accept black lightning. So black lightning Saved all the superheros and they all defeated the villains and they stayed there and never got out because the prison was as strong as platinum.

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