Friday, March 8, 2013

The day thins started disapering

Yawn goes Mac I wonder what mum is doing. Mac runs down stairs and yells morning mum but mum is not there so he looks in the garage to see if dads home dad Mac shouts. Dad was not in the garage not even the tools so Mac made his own breakfast and headed off to school before he walks out the door he gets his lunch and says bye mum but there was no reply? So Mac went off to school worried about his parents. When Mac got to school there was Josh Rick and Ronald Mac said hey they did not reply. Mac asked what is wrong they all replied that they could not find their parents.

Mac said that he could not find his parents too. When they went In to the class nothing was there not even the children were in the class suddenly there was a loud bang they run out side in shock there was nothing outside and then they turned around and the school was not there. So they all made a plan to meet in the alleyway so they all went back home to see if anyone was home and no one was home for any of them they all went to the alleyway and that was the only thing there so they all bring their blankets to sleep in the alley and when they woke up everything and everyone was back so they went to school and everybody was there for assembly excerpt one person the principal but wait there is his car but where is Mr Burt the Mr Burt was in his office but he was asleep and so I woke him up and took him to assembly and everyone cheered for Mac for saving Glen Innes Three chairs for Josh, Mac, Rick and Ronald  hip hip hurray hip hip hurray hip hip hurray.

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