Monday, August 1, 2011

Immersion Assembly

As soon as I walked in to the hall for our Immersion Assembly I saw Mr J had a bushy green hair wig and was wearing a green flag. He was Irish. We went to watch the teachers perform items to show the school what we are learning about this term. We found out that we are learning abiut the Rugby World Cup.

When we started team 1 was first. They sang a song. Team 2 sang a song too. Team 3 had a weetbix eating competition and it was funny. Team 4 showed a movie, but team 5 was not there.

My favorite team was team 4 because the movie was funny.

We went out of the hall and went back to class and when we got out of the hall it sounded like we were cheering Ireland.


  1. Hi Paris, How are you? Did you have a good holiday. Assembly sounded like fun. What team are you going to cheer for in the world cup, apart from New Zealand. My sister has bought me a ticket to the game for Samoa verus South Africa so i think I will support Samoa as my other team.
    I hope you are having a good start to term 3.
    Miss Walker

  2. Hi paris, how are you? you did a awesome story I wish I could do a story like that. Because it shows what your talking about and whats happening.
    Keep up the good work paris
    Silas Davey