Monday, February 24, 2014

Empathy Paris & Hala

WALT: Comprehend concepts related
to mental health and emotional promotion.

What is empathy?
Why is it important to show empathy toward others? By being kind and helping them out when they need help. Sharing your stuff with them and letting them play
What does it mean to “put yourself in someone else’s shoes”? Feel how other people feel when they're sad or happy. Cheer them up if there sad.

What does that have to do with empathy? Helping them out through difficult times. Like some who passed away in their family.
What can you do to show empathy toward another person? Helping them out when they need help. Playing games like touch with them.

Make a popplet or Google drawing a displaying ways that you can reach out to others. POPPLET.png

Think of a time when you hurt someone’s feelings. Describe what happened. When I accidently bumped into a little kid and made him cry. Because I was running fast.
How did you know you hurt the person’s feelings? Because He was crying. In a corner
How did you feel about the situation? I felt unhappy and sad. I also felt bad because he cried.
What did you do to make the situation better? I helped him up from the ground. Then started playing with him on the playground.  

Discuss how you think your school would change if all of the students showed empathy toward each other. There wouldn't be as much crying and fights happening as much. There would be more people helping each other out.
Do you think it would be a big change or a small change? I think a small change. Also less fighting and more learning.
Why do you think so? Because Not much people are mean to each other as much as last year. So the school has already changed allot.  

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